UP 7527 crosses Highway 37 in Benton, IL

UP 7527 crosses Highway 37 in Benton, IL

David Cantrell

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This website captures some of the history of railroads in southern Illinois. Photos from Wikipedia, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, museums, libraries, and history lovers, maps, and links have been assembled in a collection organized by railroad and milepost. The site is free from ads. The main purpose is to remember the railroads that were instrumental in the growth of the area.

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Wilson Mayberry Railroad Truck

Remembering Grandpa and the B&O Railroad

Wilson Mayberry, on the right in the photo above, was employed on the B&O and Chessie System route between Flora and Shawneetown from 1941 to 1977 when he retired as a foreman.  There were approximately 100 railroad bridges along the track and a yearly flooding season that complicated the line maintenance. I wish there had been more photos of his railroad career. We met him south of Omaha where the crew was eating lunch under the pecan trees. We toured a General Motors EMD GP-9 diesel locomotive that was stopped in Norris City. After researching the 1937 flood, I understand why he took us to Shawneetown to see the Ohio River height when it was raining on the weekend. He never discussed the difficulties of maintaining the rails. Working in extreme weather conditions coupled with the hard labor before automated equipment took a toll on his health. He passed away suddenly at 67, five years after retiring. It was too soon. This website helps keep the memory of him and the railroads in southern Illinois alive.