Old Shawneetown, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 423.04

L&N Old Shawneetown Depot

Shawneetown L & N Depot 1950s

Photo provided by Gallatin County Historical Society

Shawnee Township

Gallatin County

St. Louis and Southeastern Milepost: 41

From west to east between McKinley 4th St. and Grant 3rd St
From north to south between Locust and Market

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.69225541705243,-88.14016163349152

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Shawneetown was the L&N's last stop on the 41 mile track from McLeansboro to the Ohio River. Connections from the railroads could be made to the Norfolk and Washington, DC Steamboat Company Steamers on the Ohio River that were part of the Evansville, Paducah, and Cairo Line owned and operated by the Tennessee and Ohio River Transportation Company.

Maps from the late 1800s show that the L&N had an engine house and roundtable.

During the late 1950s, the L&N depot building was moved to New Shawneetown.

The next 5.3 miles of track that extended to the west side of the town of Junction were shared between the two railroads. According to the Sentinel 2nd Quarter 2015 Magazine, an 1870's agreement between the B&O and L&N predecessors specified that the former would build and maintain while sharing ownership and costs with the latter company.

B&O Sentinel Magazine, 2nd quarter 2015

People of the State of Illinois et al., Petitioners, v. United States of America and Interstate Commerce Commission,respondents, 604 F.2d 519 (7th Cir. 1979)

1938 Shawneetown Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

1893 Old Shawneetown Railroad Yard Layout

David Cantrell

Bowlesville Connected to Shawneetown Via the O&M Railroad

Atlas of the State of Illinois by Warner & Beers
Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

1899 Shawneetown Map with Depots

Library of Congress Sanborn™ Maps

1899 Shawneetown Map L & N Depot

Library of Congress Sanborn™ Maps

1893 Old Shawneetown L&N Roundhouse

1893 Old Shawneetown Map showing L&N and O&M Depots

Shawneetown Railroad Depot Maps 1925

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Shawneetown L&N Railroad Yard, 1/25/1937

National Archives

Shawneetown Railroad Yard, 1/25/1937

National Archives

Shawneetown Railroad Yard, 2/6/1937 after levee break

National Archives

Shawneetown Railroad Yard, 3/28/1939

National Archives

Shawneetown Railroad Yard, 3/28/1939

National Archives

L & N 1165 at Shawneetown, 1946

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L & N Depot Behind Tree
1937 Flood

SIU Morris Library

Shawneetown L & N Depot after 1937 flood

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division
FSA/OWI Collection, LC-USF341-T-010677-B

Shawneetown L&N Depot

Relocated and Restored Shawneetown L & N Depot as residence 2017

Photo by David Cantrell